Our skills

With 130 employees and more than 160,000 production hours per year SMI Drulingen is today one of the leading players in the industrial subcontracting market.
Thanks to our decades of experience, we are able to offer a complete service package that is in line with our customers' needs and quality requirements. Our recognized know-how enables us to produce large parts for a multitude of fields of activity.
Our specialized and experienced teams are able to adapt to projects of any size, competently and efficiently.
Our fields of intervention are multiple, complementary and multidisciplinary.

Welded structure / Heavy fabrications

Our core business is heavy boilermaking. This enables us to manufacture large, thick boilermaking components. With a covered area of 23,000m2 and lifting equipment up to 200 tons of indivisible mass, we are able to carry out even the most ambitious projects.
To do so, we can rely on the high level of expertise of our employees and the performance and complementarity of our machine park.

Large-size machining

Our second core business is the machining of large dimension single parts and small series.

To do this, we have a team of highly experienced machinists and a high-performance and complementary machine park enabling us to carry out various machining operations, such as turning, milling and boring.

These machining capabilities enable us to provide our customers with a global service offer that links up with our other areas of expertise, in particular mechanical welding.


For more than 60 years, SMI Drulingen has built up an international reputation in the production of complete elements and welded parts in many fields of activity.

Our quality system, the synergy of our organization and our different fields of expertise and know-how allow us to carry out a complete business by ensuring controls and traceability.

Our teams thus ensure the production of welding specifications and PQR (Prodecure Qualification Record) according to European or ASME standards and customer specifications. We have a team of inspectors in charge of non-destructive testing approved by Cofrend II: X-rays, ultrasounds, magnetoscopy and Penetrant Testing.


We have experienced staff and a high-powered hydraulic three-roller bending machine that enables us to bend (or roll) steel sheets up to 90mm thick and 3200mm wide.

Our technical expertise in bending/rolling enables us to adapt to your needs and provide optimum quality whatever the size or complexity of the bending.


We are equipped with 3 oxycutting benches enabling us to cut sheets up to 6 metres wide and 34 metres long.

Our employees take care of the preparation of the sheets, from their cutting to their transformation by bending or folding using our hydraulic press.

Our CNC flame cutting machine also enables us to chamfer the sheets.

Heat treatment

The stress releaf is intended to reduce the residual stresses induced by welding.

To do this, the parts are brought to a temperature of around 600°C according to an established law of progression.

Our furnace can treat parts up to 13 meters long, 6.7 meters wide and 6.7 meters high.

Our capacities in terms of heat treatment are extended by our local heat treatment equipment, which allows us to intervene outside for repair services for example.

Painting and assembly

In a logic of global service provision, we have a paint and sand/shot-blasting booth at our disposal.

Moreover, we are able to pre-equip the parts made with mechanical and hydraulic accessories. The assembly is thus carried out by our team of mechanics who have specific skills and tools.